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Need parts for your rainwater harvesting system? Building your own? Check out our pricesheet for well-tested parts--we know what works! All components are designed or selected for quality and function. We're happy to consult with you on your particular system. Call us at 512.351.5150 for details.

We design, install, service and repair complete rainwater harvesting and supply systems for all purposes. We have fifteen years experience as master builders.

We know rainwater harvesting systems.

Good water source Any unobstructed roof surface can be a good water source, including the roofs on:

  • homes
  • cabins
  • carports
  • barns
  • hangars
  • storage

Central Texas, abundant water A 2500 square foot roof can gather 1500 gallons from one inch of rain. In central Texas, that's 45,000 gallons in an average year!

Central Texas is famous for getting massive amounts of rainfall in very short spans of time. This means that if you don't have a big tank sized to capture all that rain during the deluge, you'll risk an empty tank during the dry season. Ask about our central Texas rainfall capture calculator. Hint: his name is Charles.

Rainwater collection systems solve many challenges Connecting a rainwater harvesting system to your roof can be the solution for:

  • a dry well
  • hard water
  • drinking water
  • stormwater runoff
  • offgrid homes
  • saving money

Our first and favorite testing facility: family and home Five people. Dogs. Cats. Chickens. Fruit trees. A vegetable garden. A swimming pool.

We had a small roof at first, and one tank. Then, a bigger roof. Find out what we learned about water conservation along the way.

Health Having a rain water catchment system as a main water source will improve the health of your:

  • family
  • livestock
  • gardens
  • ponds
  • aquariums
  • landscapes
  • life!

Green, sustainable, and way ahead of the herd Now, "green" and sustainable building is getting a lot exposure in the news, on cable TV shows, in magazines and... oh yeah.. the web. Back in 1992 our founder Charles Gibson helped start a little citizen's group in Austin , Texas called "The Sustainable Building Coalition" (now called "Design~Build~Live.") This group was to be the civic companion to the City of Austin's Green Building Program (now part of Austin Energy). Charles believed that our future was going to depend on this "sustainability" thing, whatever that meant. He still believes this. And harvesting rainwater is a great place to start, because the health benefits are immediate.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Water Supply Systems in San Marcos TX We proudly offer these fine components supplied by these manufacturers.

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